Welcome to Elephie.com

Posted in Elephants on Oct 12, 2014

Welcome to Elephie.com

Welcome to this blog. This blog is a collaboration story site between Ryleigh and her mom. Ryleigh has a lifelong love of elephants. Every night before going to bed her mom and Ryleigh tell the elephant story adventures of Mommy Elephant. This blog is a place to share our elephant stories and drawings.

Ryleigh first fell in love with elephants in 2011 at the age of 2 1/2 (photo seen to the left). An elephant at the Oklahoma City zoo had just given birth to Malee in 2011. Our family first visited the zoo and Ryleigh was hooked. She has likely watched nearly every elephant cartoon, movie and has visited elephants in Oakland, Santa Cruz, San Diego and Oklahoma City. Her favorite elephant adventure was in 2014 when she gave a friendly large male elephant a bath.


The picture above is our from our first visit to the Oklahoma City zoo. Malee was just a few months old. Ryleigh begged her dad to get a stuffed elephant animal at the gift shop. She named her Mommy Elephant. It’s the same Mommy Elephant who happens to be our main character in our stories. Ryleigh and Mommy Elephant became inseparable from the moment Daddy bought her. She is her best friend, security blanket and favorite toy.

This blog is a place where Ryleigh and her mom will share their elephant stories. Eventually, Ryleigh will write her own. She’s working on her reading and spelling. Thanks for coming by to Elephie.com. It’s our labor of love together. Thank you for reading.


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  1. Oct 12, 2014

    Hi Ryleigh and Ryleigh’s mum, it’s great to know you are going to share your elephant stories and drawings. Elephants are amazing creatures, I love how they can give themselves a shower, and pick the juiciest fruits from the very top of the tree with their magnificent trunks.

    I have a little elephant sitting on my desk, he is waving at me and you right now. I don’t have a name for him but I do know he is keen to read your stories and see your pictures too.

    So – from me and the elephant, here in London, best wishes to you.



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